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MTO Red Brass Monstera Rollerball Necklace - Aventurine

MTO Red Brass Monstera Rollerball Necklace - Aventurine

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RSA Rollerball Necklace entirely handcrafted by us with love for you! 

Red brass rollerball necklace with a fine silver bezel.

30” plated chain and clasp.

2- 2ml glass vials (one clear, one amber) with removable steel rollerball fitments. The glass vial unscrews from top and is able to be filled with whatever oil/perfume/sand etc. you choose.

Please allow up to 6 weeks fabrication time and for slight variations as each piece is handcrafted. The necklace pictured is not the necklace you will receive. We will intuitively choose an Aventurine stone for you that is similar to the one in the photo, there will be variations due to the nature of the crystal.  

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