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Sterling Silver Vintage Glass Rollerball Necklace - Clear Quartz & Cumpas Turquoise - For DIAZ

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Extra Large 8ml textured glass vial with handmade stamped sterling silver rollerball necklace. Necklace measures just over 4" long, the vial itself measures 2.25". This necklace is larger than the typical roller necklaces made here at RSA. 

RSA Rollerball Necklace entirely handcrafted by us with love for you!

28” sterling silver chain with elegant sterling silver safety clasp.

1- 8ml textured glass vial with removable glass rollerball fitment. The glass vial unscrews from the top and is able to be filled with whatever oil/perfume/sand etc. you choose.

This necklace can fit other glass vials such as 5ml size if you choose to swap sizes. 



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